Improve your game!  I give lessons to beginner and intermediate youth players K-8.  No equipment is necessary.  I cover attack, defense, midfield and goalie positions.  Lessons are held at Valley Middle School unless otherwise mentioned.  Average lesson time is 1 hr and is $30 cash or venmo.  



Worn strings?  Your mesh not to spec?  Not all pockets are created the same.  Push your game to the next level with the ideal pocket for your position.  I can fix your strings and get you back in the field quickly!

I can string your head for:

  • Attack
  • Midfield
  • Defense
  • Goal
  • Custom


Show your team pride by dying your lacrosse head.  Solid dyes, fades, skys the limit.  Add your jersey number to your stick or custom logo! Custom head work may require the removal of the existing ball stop.  A FishStix ball stop can be installed if desired or needed.


My brothers and I just started an apparel line called RayLAX!  Check it out on or @RAYLAXTIME on instagram or back on this website!

Send Me the Details!

Enter any notes specific to your build. Include your position, how you like to shoot, what you're hoping to get with this new setup, what problems you might having, what you want to work on during lessons, etc.
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Another Carlsbad head
Bass boat
Custom Strung Tactik 2.0 Head

Hero 3 Mesh, Tactik 2.0 Head

Custom Torrent 7 Heads

New Custom T7 Heads

Ryan's Minty

restrung head for ryan

Got a few of these to dye and string up

Got a few of these to dye and string up

Fiddles Fiddles Fiddles

So many fiddles to finish.

New Mesh

New mesh for a buddy.


Flat Minty Colors